American, brass, pair of Federal style faceted acorn-top, left and right andirons with conforming logstops, 19″H x 11.5″W, c. 1920-30.


American, bell metal, lemon-top andirons with spur knees and ball and claw feet, conforming log stops, 19 3/4″H x 17″D,
c. 1790.


American, iron, pair of dog head andirons with rings and log stops, c. 1800-20, 21H x 18D


American (Charleston, Massachusetts), brass, Federal steeple-top, left & right andirons with slipper feet and conforming log stops, signed by Charleston manufacturer Barnabas Edmands, c. 1770.


American, iron, Arts & Crafts style left and right pair of sunflower motif andirons, c. 1890-1900, 14.25H x 19D


American, New York, brass, pair of double lemon-top andirons with arched legs and ball feet, matching tools (shovel & tongs) and C-shaped jamb hooks, c. 1800, andirons are 22H


French, brass, pair chenet with conforming log-stops, c. 1800-30, 15.5″H


American, brass, urn-top andirons w/ double spur legs and ball feet, c. 1830, 18H


American, brass, pair of ball & reel andirons (24.25) w/ matching shovel, tongs and serpentine wire & brass rail Fenders, 45W, finials added later and repair to rail.


American, Boston, bell metal, important pair of large engraved urn-top andirons with ball and claw feet, 31.5″H, c. 1780-1800, from the Hunnewell estate