German, brass repousse menorah with removable shemash arm. The engraved Hanukkah prayer in the oval reads.

These lights which we kindle recall the wondrous triumphs and the miraculous victories wrought through Your holy Kohanim for our ancestors from ancient days until our time. These lights are sacred through all eight days of Hanukkah. We may not make use of their light, but are only to look upon them, and thus be reminded to thank and praise You for the wondrous miracle of our deliverance.

Below that prayer it says, ” This was designed as a gift from Eliahu Lifstedt  the city Viezel ( Weisel) 772,” which is the year 5772, which translates to 1750. There is repair to the shamash and the translation of the prayer is accurate but the name and city may vary.  18.75″ H, 13.25″ W