French Napoleonic Officers Bathing Tub

French, rare Napoleonic officers bathing tub. Zinc/metal sheeting, on wooden platform with wooden wheels. Traces of original green, black and cream paint. Military officers campaign bath tubs were designed for easy transportation by horse-drawn caravan during the Napoleonic Wars. Rare surviving example with crossed lances and shield in high relief on both sides. In excellent condition. 29″ H, 24″ W, 53″ L, circa 1800-1810

By Sheperd Paine:

Of all Napoleonic collectibles, few combine physical beauty with historical significance as spectacularly as the military relics of that era. In addition to being beautiful objects in their own right, these splendid survivors of the battlefields of the Empire were not just “eyewitnesses” but actual participants in some of the most dramatic events of modern history. Most people assume that all the tangible remnants of Napoleon and his Empire are locked up in museums, and never realize that it is possible to own genuine relics of the events that so stir our imagination. Yet these items are not only available, but remain within many collectors’ financial reach