Dutch, brass tobacco box of  exceptional deatil and quality. Oval boxwith 5 engraved panels. The box is Old Testament which is also highly unusual.

LID 1 Noah leading the animals onto the ark,

LID 2 Nebuchadnezzar cast out from humanity. Nebuchadnezzar conquered Jersuleum and destroyed the first Jewish Temple, Daniel chapter 4  Neb. had a dream where a huge tree predicted that he would go crazy for 7 years because of his pride and boasting  He is then humbled by G-d  and loses his sanity. After 7 years of living with wild animals his position and sanity are restored to him and he praises G-d all the days of his life.

LID 3 Jacob meet his brother Easu twin brothers, Esau the first born and Jacob the second, Esau was married to Leah and Rachel Jacob Genesis chapters 25-50 the older served the younger, its about rivalry and seeking justice and peace among them.

LID 4 Rebecca gives drinks to Abrahams servants. Rebecca is  the wife of Isaac , and mother of Jacob and Esau. Elizar devised a test to find a wife for Isaac, As he stood at the central well in the place of Abrahams birth with his men and camels laden with good he prayed to G-g. ” Let it be that the maiden to whom I shall say please tip over your jug so I may drink and I  will even water your camels, her you will have desiginated for your servant Isaac” Genesis 24:14  “She was generous and made suitable for entering Abrahams household”

LID 5 ” The flood of the earth animals and men drowning, G-d meant to destroy wickedness and sin not his people.

This box is truly rare and unusual, excellent condition, 5.5″ L, 3.0″W, 1.0″H circa 1700